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Making the BEST even BETTER!

The plan to expand the Whitefish Skatepark
Whitefish Expansion Area 1.1.jpg

Why Expand?

Since 2005, the Whitefish Skatepark has proven to be one of the best skateparks in the world. From Flathead Valley locals to pro skateboarders, the Whitefish Skatepark has given us all a place to experience joy, exercise, community, fresh air, and creativity. The quality of the skatepark is impeccable, thanks to the Dreamland Skatepark crew, and it looks as new today as it did seventeen years ago. 


So why expand? The existing park is known for its steep, deep, and big transitions, but with Phase 2, we plan to build a “street plaza,” as it is referred to in skateboarding. We will have rails, boxes, ledges, stairs, banks, and more. This will not only be a perfect complement to what is already there, but offer a more “beginner” area, too. 


Along those lines, if you have any ideas or suggestions for features in the street plaza, please shoot us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

Who We Are

Who We Are

The Whitefish Skatepark Association is a group of local skateboarders who share the dream of expanding the park. We’ve all been skateboarding since we were kids, and we want to pass along the fun to future generations. 


Matt Holloway is a former English teacher at Whitefish High School who now tutors and mentors youth. 


Leland McNamara is an established photographer and videographer of action sports, as well as the coach of the Whitefish Skate Camp. 


Ryan Brown is a server at the Tupelo Grille and was instrumental in getting the original park built. 


Danyel Scott is a Whitefish native and co-owner of Dreamland Skateparks. Her husband Mark is a professional skateboarder, as well as the head of park construction. 


Additionally, when the original park was built, Ryan Brown, Bendan Rohan, and the matriarch of Flathead Valley skateboarding, Pam Robinson, were instrumental in bringing the park to life. 

Phase 2 Site Plans


How You Can Help

Firstly, we need to raise at least $350,000. So please donate. Tell you friends, family, and anyone you know to donate.


Secondly, we can always use volunteer help in planning events, fundraising, and orchestrating fun. 


Lastly, spread the word! The sooner we get the money, the sooner we build Phase 2. Let’s make it happen!

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